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James Hartigan: Poker skills on show at European Poker Tour, London, in 2010 with season pro and table entertainer Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu, up against the comparatively unknown Angel Shlomi. [Player talk] James: Dario is going to be in the big blind here. Angle Shlomi raising under the gun with kings.

William: Shlomi has a big one and he’s not playing around, he almost makes it 5 times the big blind. James: Bonyadi with 6s will call, Negreanu on the button has 10-9 of diamonds, William: Negreanu’s loving life right now on the button with this hand.

He’s really thinking about it, he’s confused with this 5X out of Shlomi.

James: But he makes the call, both blinds will fold, so 3 players will see a flop. No 6 for Bonyadi, but a 9 high flop could get Daniel in trouble here. William: Daniel looked a bit speculative pre-flop and now he’s picked up top pair, he might get in trouble. James: Shlomi continues. He’s made it 1,525, it’s a pot-sized bet.

William: No slow playing for Shlomi. 5X pre-flop, pot on the flop. Daniel still not convinced; he wants to call. James: But should he call? William: Daniel has a tough time folding pairs and this is top pair. He should probably fold but I don’t see it happening.

James: He does make the call. William: A big pot is brewing… James: And no real threat out there to Shlomi’s kings. William: Shlomi can’t be too concerned about this turn card.

James: 2,125. William: This time he decides to make it a little bit cheaper for Negreanu. He went full pot on the flop, right around half pot on the turn. James: Surely this is where Daniel lets it go? William: Daniel is trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

And he makes the call. He’s not entirely convinced yet. Again this river really doesn’t change much; the only hand this helps is 6-7 or 8-9 and Shlomi only fires out 1/3 pot on this river. He gives Negreanu a fair price to make this call. He’s getting 4-1 on his money.

James: Well let’s see if Daniel can get away from this. [Player talk] James: You think right. William: Daniel really pulled the trigger correctly on that one. James: And Shlomi is now thinking, if you’ve read for me aces or kings, surely you can beat aces or kings, I have to fold!

[Player talk] James: If you think you can’t beat that hand, vote now and share it with your friends.

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